• Parcel Ref No:156461
  • PIN: 0739-01-46-5780
  • Account No: 8635345

Current Owner(s)


January 1 Owner(s)


Mailing Address

  • PO BOX 1107
  • 80549

Location Address

  • 3315 S ALSTON AVE

  • Tax District: CNTY-DRHM/CITY-DRHM
  • Land Use Code: 111
  • Land Use Desc: RES/ 1-FAMILY
  • Subdiv Code: 0000
  • Subdiv Desc: N/A - NO SUBDIVISION
  • Neighborhood: 032RJ
  • Legal Description: PROP-JARMON RONNIE D/LT#0 1
  • Deed Book & Page: 8020 / 42 View Deed
  • Plat Book & Page: 000154 / 000389
  • Last Sale Date: Sep-14-2016
  • Last Sale Price: $120,000
Property Tax Appraisal

Appraised Value as of January 1, 2016


This property contains land mainly classified for assessment purposes * as RESIDENTIAL property with a(n) CAPE COD style building, built about 1948, with a heated area of 1,930 sqft, with 1 building(s), 3 total bedroom(s), 1 total bath(s), 0 total half bath(s).
*The classification for assessment purposes is not a zoning designation and does not speak to the legality of the current use of the subject property.

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